Friday, November 2, 2007

The month's first run

The Weather Channel told me it was 48 degrees outside. And the sun? It had already disappeared.

But it had been a long week and all I really wanted to do was go for a quick run. And the treadmill at the YMCA? That didn't sound so appealing.

So I pulled out so pants, layered a long sleeve shirt over a T-shirt and off I went. I admit, it was a bit chilly. But I wasn't about to complain. Between the crunchy leaves on the side of the road and the smell of someone burning a fire in their backyard, it was heavenly.

My only gripe? My MP3 player decided to die. Less than a mile into my run. And of course it had to happen just as the new Matchbox 20 song was coming on. So for most of my run, I was left with just my thoughts and the sound of fall. And honestly, it wasn't that awful.

The run itself was only 2 miles. But after choosing to not lace up the shoes for a good chunk of October, it just felt good to run again. And I need to start again, because the brain? It's been thinking. And it involves an early April event.


Anonymous said...

matchbox twenty! and it's matchbox TWENTY not 20. I know this because I used to be in the fan club.

Anonymous said...

I wish the world smelled like burning leaves every day.

I ran this morning in SHORTS. And it was, like, 30 degrees. Whoops.

Badgergirl said...

You ran in shorts? That's just silly.

teacherwoman said...

I love that new matchbox twenty song... such a great pump-you-up song!

I had a similar run outdoors today as well... I HEART fall!