Friday, August 24, 2007

What do feet, music and football have in common? Absolutely nothing.

A few things:

The foot: It still hurt this morning when I got up, but at some point today it stopped hurting. Granted it still hurts a tiny bit, but I no longer find myself limping. That's a good thing. I was tempted to go for a short run this afternoon, but I decided to skip it, mostly because my foot isn't hurting at the moment and I kind of want to keep it that way. And I still have an 8-mile planned for tomorrow morning before I head south for my annual Dave Matthews Band concert.

DMB: The concert? It's tomorrow. And needless to say, I'm excited. I was especially happy when I looked at the forecast and saw a picture of a sun and no mention of any rain. Unfortunately, I forgot about the mud. After getting hammered with rain this week, I'm sure it's not going to dry out overnight and yes, Alpine Valley will be one big mud puddle. Standing on that hill, while trying not to slip down it, all night should be a real treat.

Football: High school football starts tonight and I'm heading out to a game, one that I have absolutely no personal interest in. Actually, it's a work related thing. But still, I'm excited to watch some football. Just not so excited for the late, 8 p.m. kick off.

Diet Coke: I spilled it on myself today. All over my white capris. At least it was after I met with the chief justice of the state supreme court.


teacherwoman said...

YOU'RE GOING TO DMB??? I wanna go! I have wanted to go to one of their concerts forever... they just never come to the ND area!

Nice one with the Diet Coke! Sounds like something I would do at school. Last year I had black crap, that looked like grease, on my white capris. No one said anything 'till the afternoon and I couldn't do much about it!

Badgergirl said...

I'm always paranoid whenever I wear white pants. Good thing it's almost time to put them away for the season.

DMB? Awesome. You totally need to see them if they ever come near ND.