Friday, August 31, 2007

There's a monster in my head

I knew as soon as I opened my eyes this morning that this was not going to be the greatest of Fridays. Which is sad, because not only is it Friday, but it's also the Friday that kicks off my four-day weekend.

However, the Monster in my head? The pounding, throbbing, stabbing Monster behind my left eye? He let me know right away this morning that he wasn't going to let me have a good Friday.

That's right folks, I woke up with a migraine.

I really shouldn't complain. I mean, I get maybe three or four migraines a year. But that's only because I take a daily dose of a preventative medicine, which is supposed keep the Monster tame and subdued. On the flip side, when I do get a migraine? It's awful. And it hurts. And at times, I think it might be less painful to chop my head off rather than deal with the Monster.

Obviously, the Monster has been feeling a little feisty lately. I had a few small nagging headaches this week. But nothing that a few ibuprofen couldn't handle. But this morning? There he was, ready to make my day a living hell.

And today hasn't been fun. I took a dose of the super good, migraine killing medication I have this morning before I even stepped in the shower. And while it calmed the Monster down, I still don't feel normal. My head's a little fuzzy and still kind of aches. My eyes hurt. The fluorescent lights in my office? Not fun. The stomach? Yeah, it's a bit queasy. I really don't have an appetite, but I know I should really try to eat something, just because I haven't eaten anything all day...and the Monster? He loves when I do that, because then he just gets worse. I just don't feel right. All that put together makes work a little difficult.

Right now I'm trying to force myself to eat a plain bagel. Maybe that will tame the funky feeling in my stomach. And hopefully I'll be able to finish up work fairly quickly and just be able to leave work. Because you know what sounds good right now? Lounging in my recliner, in front of the TV while thinking of nothing. Because hopefully then, the Monster will go away.

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