Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What's this?

I did something today that I haven't done in probably 8 years.

I listened to a cassette tape.

Yes, those rectangular things with the spinning wheels. The thing that if you want to find a particular song, you have play the rewind/fast forward game. And inevitably, you'll never find the actual song you're looking for.

But I didn't get to listen to music. I had to listen to an hour-long court proceeding. When the clerk told me they had a transcript, but it was audio and not written, I thought, cool. Digital, easy to listen to.

I wasn't expecting the cassette tape that she handed me through the glass window. And since no one at work was expecting a cassette tape, I had to rummage through my stuff looking for my ancient Walkman (which was so cool back in 1990) and batteries.

Then I spent the afternoon listening to a cassette tape. And it was weird.

Now I just have to remember to replace the batteries I confiscated from my TV remote in order to make that ancient Walkman work. Otherwise, I'll forget where they went and for no reason at all I'll be flinging the remote across the room when it isn't changing the channel.

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