Sunday, January 7, 2007

I should legally change my name

You could call me Miss Productivity if you wanted to.

I got a lot of stuff done today. The Christmas tree got taken down and all the other Christmas-y things put away. I did leave the snowmen up, cause they can be considered winter decorations. And we definitely need something winter related since there is no snow on the ground!

After a quick Target run to get duct tape (to tape up the Christmas tree box), I then cleaned my apartment. I vacuumed, cleaned my kitchen and even took the 409 cleaner to the bathroom! Plus all of my clothes are now clean. And that was all before dinner, when I made tacos with enough leftover for lunch and one dinner.

And I finished The Time Traveler's Wife last night, so I was able to start a new book today. Tonight I'm just planning on relaxing. I might watch Ice Age, especially since I've seen the end about six times, but have never seen the beginning or middle, and then read for a bit.

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