Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Baby it's cold outside ... and it's gonna get colder

I think I might just want to hibernate in my apartment for the next week.

According to the National Weather Service:
"Frigid conditions expected this weekend into next week. A large arctic air mass is taking aim on the region and will bring the coldest air of the winter to Wisconsin. The bitterly cold air will begin to overspread the state late Friday. This arctic air mass is expected to reside over Northeast Wisconsin into Wednesday... Highs will struggle to reach the single digits above zero during this period. High temperatures on Sunday will struggle to even reach zero."

Temperatures that struggle to reach 0 will do that to a girl. Add in the wind and you get really big numbers which are accompanied by a negative sign. Yeah, definitely sounds like a good week to stay inside.

Except there's that whole work thing. And Krista's birthday celebration. Both require me to leave my apartment. Even though it's bone-chilling cold out.

I shouldn't complain. I'm a Wisconsin girl all the way through. I can handle cold. I can even handle the wind. It's just that my apartment is so nice and toasty warm and outside is just so ... cold.

But I'll pull out the parka, gloves and hat and I'll bundle up. Because work calls. And I can't miss a friend's birthday celebration.

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