Sunday, December 3, 2006

Then the twinkling stopped

Mom came down to the City on the Water today to help me put up my Christmas tree.

Sadly, it isn't a real tree, which I want oh so badly. Nope it's a fake one that I got my first Christmas out of college during the worst 365-day stint in my life, also known as the year I lived in Indiana.

She was visiting me that year when she decided I needed a Christmas tree for my lonely little apartment in Indiana. We bought it at Menard's and I almost hacked up a lung in the parking lot because I was dying of bronchitis. Being the mother she is, she made me go see a doctor even though I had no insurance yet. He gave me drugs, which knocked me out. So I slept on the futon while she decorated the tree. She's helped me every year since.

Then she decided I needed some lights on the railing I have by my patio. We were shopping at Target and after much deliberation, I decided on the icicle lights. And not just any icicle lights, but the twinkling variety.

So I got them home and strung them along my railing as I froze outside. They looked pretty and all twinkly. I came back inside and was cleaning up a bit when I glanced outside at my oh so beautiful twinkling icicle lights.

They weren't twinkling.

I'm not sure if it was the cold (it's quite Arctic out today, the mercury's probably in the high teens and it's windy...making it quite chilly) or what, but the lights no longer twinkle. Grr.

I haven't solved the twinkling mystery yet. Some of the strands still light up, but others just stay dark. At least there's some light. Maybe I'll putz with them next week. But at least my tree is up and my apartment looks kind of Christmas-y.

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