Saturday, April 6, 2013

Checking out the CrossFit craze

I stepped out of the box this morning. And stepped right into a CrossFit box.

A few days ago I noticed a post on Facebook about a local CrossFit box holding a free community workout on Saturday morning. It’s been something I’ve been intrigued with, so I fired off an email to my running partner in crime Peggy to see if she was game. Turns out her friend Aaron was a member at the CrossFit place and had been wanting her to check it out.

Plans were made. I was going to try CrossFit.

I was excited. And nervous. And scared. But I went this morning.

We got there about 10 minutes before the workout started and there was already a group tackling a workout. Some hardcore dudes doing a bunch of crazy, fast burpees.

Yup. Still scared. And plotting out the best corner to retreat to if I needed to curl up and die.

But I honestly didn’t need to be scared. The coach, a former Army Ranger, was super helpful – whether it was explaining a move or giving you advice for how to tweak a move to modify it for your ability or even giving you pointers on correct form. And throughout the morning he doled out encouragement as well.

After a short warm up, we got set for the workout of the day. It was a partner workout, so I paired up with Peggy. It was one minute of squats, one minute of push ups, one minute of these body rows on a set of rings followed by some side step things over a contraption made of PVC pipe (notice the super technical terms I’m using). One of would start, do as many reps as possible and then we’d switch. After those four minutes, we’d get a one minute rest. And repeat. Four times total. 

Guys. It was hard. And my arms and legs have that good sore feeling tonight. But it was so much fun. It felt good to challenge myself, push myself, see what I could do.

Right now the CrossFit place only offers classes in the mornings, and with my work schedule and it being a 30 minute drive from where I work, it’s not possible for me to do it. The guy who runs the place said he’s considering adding evening classes in the future, and I’d definitely be interested if that happens. Because it was a good workout and I’m pretty sure I could use that kind of structure.

So we’ll see. For now I’ll try to get back when they have their free community workouts on Saturdays.

Now, let’s see how my legs feel for tomorrow’s nine-mile run with Peggy.


Unknown said...

love it! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Though, I'm sure you're hurting now!!

Carolina John said...

You will be sore, I'm sure. CF is an unreal workout. I feel like I did a cf workout this weekend. so much pain.