Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I had a good start to the week. And then I skipped today's run. Not because I didn't have time. Not because it was raining. Not because I didn't want to. It was one of those days. Where the stress and frustration that's been building all week finally get to you and all you want to do is curl up in a ball in the recliner and cry. And that may have happened tonight. Which is why I didn't run.

2. Needless to say I'm ready for Friday afternoon to get here. And then the weekend. At least I've got an early morning 8 mile run planned with friends and new training group members. After the week I've had, I just need to be able to hit the pavement, run and not think of the things that have been bothering me this week.

3. One piece of good news? I scored a new pair of Brooks Ghost 3s online tonight from Running Warehouse for $53! That's almost half off. The new Ghost 4s were recently released, so of course my lovely Ghost 3s are being closed out, which means I found a pair for $59 and then had an additional 10 percent off coupon code. AND I got some free gifts - a Brooks Podium t-shirt and shopping bag - because I spent $50. Yay. New shoes.


Candice @ I Have Run said...

I know exactly the kind of week you are talking about. I hope it gets better! Sometimes a good cry is exactly the thing you need.

Enjoy your run on Saturday. And there aren't too many things better than new running shoes, especially when they are such a great deal!!

Jen @ Run for Anna said...

Perfect way to cheer running gear!! Hope you feel better soon...I hate those kinds of weeks.