Friday, June 3, 2011

Four Things for Friday

1. Umm. Even though I've been neglecting it. I do in fact still have a blog. What can I say. Life has gotten in the way the last week. There was a long holiday weekend. And nice summer-like weather has decided to finally make an appearance in Wisconsin. So the last place I've wanted to be this week was inside in front of my computer.

2. I have gotten a few decent runs in though. First there was the "run" last weekend when I was watching The Rugrats on Saturday. They wanted to go to the park. They had bikes. I didn't. So they biked and I ended up running. In my jeans and flip flops. Thankfully the park is close. Round trip? A mile. Not quite a long run, but I did manage 6 miles in the season's first hot, humid day. And I promptly remembered not to leave the run for late morning during the summer. It was a hot one. There might have been a few pit stops to take advantage of the shade, but the 6 miles got done.

3. Wednesday was National Run Day. And I ran! I had a great run date with my friend Jess. Four miles. It was our standard run, chat, gossip and chat. Good girl time. A nice route along the lake and we even got to battle some pretty stiff winds. It felt good.

4. In (kinda) non-running news. I've got Tough Mudder coming up at the end of July and I need some muscles to get me through some of the obstacles. And my upper arm strength? Pretty non-existent at this point. So along with some girlfriends I'm doing the 100 push ups program. After our run date, Jess and I did Day 1 of the program. 25 push ups. Done. Big girl style. Day 2 is today. I don't even know what's in store for me. But the push ups will get done.

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Candice @ I Have Run said...

Good luck with the push ups. They are my least favorite exercise =(

And getting away from the computer is a good thing!!