Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gettin' it done

Three days into the training program and I've hit all three runs. Yes. Two of them may have been runs of the 2-mile variety. But they've gotten done. So far for the week, 8 miles. That's all I ran in total last week. What? I've been slacking. Just a bit.

But the runs are done.

Monday was a last minute run date with my friend Jess. Tuesday I headed indoors to the YMCA because the weathermen kept talking about all this rain we're supposed to be getting (like, get yourself an ark you'll need it kind of rain). And while it wasn't raining when I left work, the sky looked iffy. So inside I went. Today? It wasn't raining. It humid though. But I didn't want to stay inside. So I booked it home, changed and headed out with the hope that I'd make it before the rain came. I was close. Just a few sprinkles during the last mile and some stiff wind to contend with. But I got it done.

Just another 4-miler tomorrow and a rest day before heading out for the first long run with the training group on Saturday!



Run with Jess said...

way to get it done! I felt like that yesterday... my hubby literally pushed me out the door! :)

Jen @ Run for Anna said...

My family in WI and MN have been saying how much rain they've been getting. So glad I don't have to deal with that too much. Good job on your runs!

Carolina John said...

Git 'er done! 2 mile runs count for something. Make them fast!