Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ABCs Badgergirl style

I've got nothing for you tonight. Except to admit I skipped my run. It was just a short 2-miler, but I got busy with work, a trip to the chiropractor to straighten out my still somewhat messed up back and a pit stop at my parents' house for dinner.

So instead of telling you how I almost died during Tuesday's hill repeat workout, I'll give you the ABC post that's been floating around blogland.

(A) Age: 31
(B) Bed Size: Queen
(C) Chore You Really Dislike: Cleaning the bathroom
(D) Dogs. None. But someday I'd like one. Of course that would require a job with a bit more normal hours. And maybe someone to help me.
(E) Essential Start Your Day Item: Frosted Mini-Wheats. But no milk. I just eat them dry.
(F) Favorite Color: Blue. But I've got an awful lot of red in my closet as well. I wonder why?
(G) Gold or Silver? Silver
(H) Height: 5'5"
(I) Instruments You Play: Violin and piano
(J) Job Title: Officially it's Public Safety Report. I prefer to call it Crime and Grime.
(K) Kids: Nope
(L) Live: Oshkosh, WI
(M) Mom's Name: Kay
(N) Nicknames: The standard variations of Jennifer, J-Wo, and the one my Dad still calls me to this day: Bug.
(O) Overnight Hospital Stays? Twice: When I broke my arm in kindergarten after I fell off a piece of playground equipment and in May 2007 during the Great Neck Slicing
(P) Pet Peeve: Bad grammar
(Q) Quote from a Movie: "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." ~The Princess Bride
(R) Right or Left Handed? Right
(S) Siblings: An older brother
(T) Time You Wake Up? About 20 minutes after my alarm clock goes off
(U) Underwear: Yup
(V) Vegetable You Dislike: Honestly there are a lot. I'm trying my hardest to make myself like more vegetables. Not sure I'll ever be able to handle raw tomato though
(W) What Makes You Run Late: In the morning? My snooze button hitting problem
(X) X-Rays: Broken arm in kindergarten, the standard dental x-rays, pretty sure MRI's don't count but I've had too many of those to count
(Y) Yummy Food You Make: Lasagna
(Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: Monkeys

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Deloris said...

What a fun survey. :) I'll have to do that for my blog next week.

I hope you get to run today.