Friday, March 11, 2011

February reading recap

It's only taken me 11 days to get around to posting a review of what I read in March. The rate I'm going, I should have just waited until March was done and given to you two months at a time. Especially since March doesn't look very promising (more on that in a moment).

Granted February wasn't that great either. I finished two books. Yes. Two. And that was a total of 736 pages. I'll just blame it on February being a short month. You know that whole 28 day thing. Anyway. That brings my yearly total to 5 books and 1,652 pages. To compare, by the time February finished up in 2010 I had finished five books, but 2,294 pages.

Anyway. What'd I read?

The Girl Who Killed the Hornet's Nest by Steig Larsson
Green, Gold and Glamorous by the Green Bay Press-Gazette

First off, I loved the Steig Larsson trilogy. I'm really glad I read them. The only disappointing thing is knowing that there are no more installments. If you haven't read them yet, jump on the bandwagon and do it. You won't be disappointed. The second book was actually put together by the Green Bay newspaper and was a look back at the Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl season. Weekly game recaps and LOTS of pictures. Good stuff for a Packer fan.

So I mentioned March might be a very low month. Here's why.

Yeah, take a look at that monster. For some reason I was thinking the other day (that usually means I'll get myself in trouble) that I should read a "classic" this year. I've always loved the soundtrack to Les Miserables. I've never seen the Broadway show (although that might change this year since it's coming to a performing arts theater near me in the fall!), and there's always been a tiny (very tiny) part of me that has wanted to read the book.


But with all of the craziness taking place in Madison the last few months, Les Miserables has been on my mind. We're talking the soundtrack has been on repeat on my iPod for the last few weeks and I've been toying with picking up the book. So when that thought of reading a "classic" came into my head, guess what I decided to read.

You guessed right. Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. All 1,330 pages of it. Thankfully the last 200 pages are just "notes" so I'll be skipping them. But still that's like 1,100 pages. That's long. And of course it has to be the kind of book that is written in the tiny print so it takes FOREVER to read a single page. It might take me longer to read this monster than it did to read Gone with the Wind in 2009. We'll see.

Two days in and I'm done with 50 pages. Only 1,050ish to go! And just a heads up Oshkosh Public Library, I'll be renewing this one. Probably multiple times since you think I'll be able to finish it in two weeks. Yeah, not gonna happen.

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Suzy said...

One of the BEST books ever! It is worth all 1,100+ pages. Enjoy it and savor it and definitely take your time with it.