Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Happy St. Patrick's Day! There's still a few hours left to celebrate, so go out and have a green beer. And while you're at it, have one for me. Because there will be no consumption of green beer by me tonight. :(

2. The Madness. It's begun! When tournament time rolls around, I'm in heaven. And trust me, it was HARD sitting at work today knowing there were some amazing NCAA tournament games being played. Morehead State hitting the three with seconds left to give them the win over Louisville? Yes, it busted my bracket a tiny bit, but such an amazing finish to the game. And I missed it. Even though we had the TV on in my office. Even though Morehead State messed my bracket up a bit, I'm still picked 10 of the 12 games played correctly so far.

3. But it's OK, because after I was done with work I headed home, got my 4.25 mile run in and a quick shower with minutes to spare before the Badgers faced off against Belmont. Now I know the national media were all like, "Ooh, I smell upset." But seriously. I think a lot of them were making that predict solely based on last week's stinker they put up against Penn State in the Big Ten Tournament. Scoring 33 points for an entire game? Totally not Wisconsin basketball. I was confident they'd bounce back. And they did. Bruiser? He was a monster out there tonight. Could have fooled me that he was injured. On to the second third round!

And now it's time to go watch some more basketball.

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