Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I never knew I could run like this

Holy cow.

I had the most AMAZING run tonight. I'm sure the fact that it was 50 degrees out and very spring like had something to do with it. And also the fact that I headed out in capris and a light-weight long-sleeved T (I toyed with short sleeves and arm warmers, but went with sleeves). Because really, after a long Wisconsin winter, you really can't argue when spring conditions start to show up.

But the most amazing thing?

I held a 9:30 min/mile pace throughout the entire 2.1 miles I needed to run!

For the slow but steady runner, that pace is unheard of! Much less that pace for 2+ miles! When my Garmin chimed after the first mile I glanced down and had to do a double take. Me? A mile in 9:30? There must be something funky going on with Garmin Gus, after all it did take him FOREVER to find the satellites today.

I kept running. It wasn't an easy pace, it was a bit tough. But it was a comfortable tough. One of those runs where I definitely know I'm working hard, but it feels good. I had a bit of a Garmin malfunction. For some reason I hit the pause button right at 1.3 miles and didn't realize it until I was at would have been the 1.7 mark (this is a route I've run countless times before, can you tell?). I unpaused Gus and kept running. According to the Garmin I finished 1.7 miles in 16:11. I figure those four-tenths of a mile I missed probably took me around 4 minutes. So in my estimation the 2.1 miles I ran took me 20:11.

Sounds about right to me. But regardless of what the actual time was, the run felt AMAZING! And apparently I've got some kind of speed demon hiding inside of me.


Claire said...

Awesome!! Maybe it's 'spring' in your step!

James said...

great job!