Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I should have known it wasn't going to be a good day today when I dropped, and busted, a jar of grape jelly while making my peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch this morning. So not only was there no J for my PBJ, I also had to clean up a sticky floor. And I don't think I managed to clean up all the glass (or heavy-duty plastic) shards. Because it feels like there's one stuck in my foot. Work stunk. It was cold. And then I come home, make dinner and SPLAT! This time it's about a quarter of a jar of spaghetti sauce that I spill onto the floor. The same spot where I had a sticky jelly mess 12 hours earlier. Sigh. I should just stay out of the kitchen.

2. I did have a moment of happiness when I came home and saw the FedEx man had left me a present. A few weeks ago I won a giveaway on Suzy's blog, Running on My Time. I had my choice between a pair of Brooks running shorts or a jacket. Since I live in Wisconsin - and shorts weather is pretty much gone until April - I went for the jacket option. I ended up choosing the Brooks Infiniti Jacket. I haven't gotten a chance to wear it outside yet, but it felt really comfortable when I tried it on tonight. I may just have to wear it to work tomorrow. Thanks for hosting the giveaway Suzy!

3. While we're talking about Brooks I should probably mention the shoes. I went to Fleet Feet last weekend to pick up a new pair of running shoes. My trusty pair of Asics Cumulus 11s had gotten me through most of training for Green Bay and my lackluster training for Fox Cities. In all there was probably around 300 miles on them. I could tell they were starting to die though. So I went to get a new pair to break in during the last month of Las Vegas training. Well there still must be some kind of Asics shortage because Fleet Feet didn't have any. OMG! What I am going to do? I've always been an Asics girl. Ever since I started running in 2007. But I needed new shoes. I couldn't wait. I was going to have to try something different. Gulp. I tried on a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders. They weren't bad. But they weren't the most comfortable. Then it was on to a pair of Brooks Ghost 3s. So light! It didn't really feel like I was wearing shoes. I was pretty sure I had found my new shoe. But I tried one more pair, some kind of Addias, and they felt really really clunky.
The Ghosts it was. I was excited. Tonight I took them for their first run - a 5 mile journey on the YMCA treadmill. During the first mile I was worried. My right foot on the outside hurt. But it went away after a mile. I'm hoping it was just the whole "I'm wearing brand new shoes on my first run" thing and that the Ghosts won't really hurt my feet. Because the rest of the run felt good. Hopefully me and the Ghosts become friends. Who knows, maybe I'll turn into a Brooks girl.

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Suzy said...

I love your jacket!! ITA, it is jacket weather is here too.