Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. Apparently I like to jump on the bandwagon late. Example: The Sookie Stackhouse series. They've been around for how long? And I just read the first installment back in August? Well since then I've gotten through eight of the 10 books. And I've got about 100 pages left in book No. 9. But it's taken me a bit longer than I expected. Because I've been distracted by something else.


Yeah, it only took me almost two seasons, but I finally watched my first episode on Monday night. Loved. It. But the library wants its DVDs back on Friday. And I've still got 6 more episodes to watch. Either it's going to be a few late nights or I'm going to start racking up a late fee. My money's on the late fee.

2. My sports bras and I are not getting along this week. Well actually just one of them. I wasn't thinking on Saturday when I got ready for the St. Joe's 5K and put on a sports bra I've had trouble with on longer runs. So midway through my 5 mile jaunt home it started. The chaffing. And now I've got a big ole raw spot on my chest, right where my regular bra sits. Kind of painful. It was healing up OK, but for some reason I wasn't thinking again last night when I packed for my 5 mile run on the treadmill. D'oh! Needless to say I've been gooping it up with Aquaphor or Neosporin all week.

3. I'll be channeling my inner diva tonight. After work I'm heading over to Fleet Feet Fox Valley for Diva Night with a friend. I've been told there will be a bunch of cool things going on, including a cooking demo, chair massages, raffles and bra fittings (probably a good thing given my luck with sports bras this week). I'll be back with a full report on how it went on Friday!


J said...

I need a few new sports bras too! They are just rubbing me wrong! Have fun tonight!

Jess said...

I looooooove Glee!!!

And I'm a big fan of Champion sports bras. They are super comfortable, pretty affordable and work well for me!

lootsfoz said...

It is hard to find a great sports bra. I've had the most success with bras from Champion, but bras from Enell have gotten great reviews.

Can't wait to see you for hockey and talk about Sookie and Glee.

teacherwoman said...

why do sports bras have to be so expensive!