Sunday, April 25, 2010

Running away from trouble

So I bailed on today's 11-mile run. Please don't hate me.

Mother Nature was still being unfriendly - cold, windy, rainy - so I planned on logging some miles on my parents' treadmill. Even packed my running gear when I headed up to their house for the afternoon. But I got there and I just wasn't feeling it. 11 miles on a treadmill? That's a lot. And I was tired. And my foot hurts a bit.

So I made the decision to skip out on my long run for the weekend and will do the 11 miles next weekend for my final "long" run before the half on May 16. Hopefully I won't regret the decision.

And in non-running news, would you like to know the traits that will make me run far away from a possibility of a second date? Because that's what happened yesterday. I met up with this random blind date dude Saturday afternoon for a lunch date. And in the span of 3 hours he:
  • Showed me he's entirely incapable of making a decision.
  • Changed the place we were meeting in mid-route - and it ended up being a location closer to where he lived, making my drive longer.
  • Was obsessively checking his cell phone during the date - even took a phone call from a contractor he was getting a bid from about kitchen cabinets! Um, isn't that what voicemail is for?
  • Managed to use the word "retarded" 4 times in situations where he totally could have used an alternate word and had the same meaning. Once I could handle, but 4 times? And considering I have a cousin who has special needs - not cool in Badgergirl's book.
  • Our (final) meeting place was in a city he was familiar with - yet he had no plan (indecisiveness shines) and almost expected me to come up with something to do.
  • Kept talking about marriage. On the first date.
  • Thought his GPS unit in his car was God. Now, Garmin Gus might be God, but his GPS unit which couldn't even give straightforward directions? Not God.
  • Has awful driving skills. As in almost got me killed when he turned the wrong way down a one-way street into oncoming traffic and almost left me with whiplash on several occasions because he had to swerve really quickly to be in the correct lane of traffic (see: his GPS unit is not God).
Maybe one or two of those things would be OK and I'd still consider date number 2. But all of them? In a span of 3 hours? Not acceptable.

So that was the only running I did this weekend. I ran away from a potential repeat in the dating world.


Nat said...

I think that counts for 11 miles....yikes!!!

MWGirl said...

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs, right?

You had me chuckling, not that that was your intent. :)

Good luck, hon.

teacherwoman said...

Oh boy. I would run from the posibility of a second date as well. The past couple of years I have had a handful of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd dates like that and I wish I would have written more about them because looking back, they make me laugh. lol

Don't settle! :)

MCM Mama said...

Man, he sounds like quite a gem! I'm impressed that you didn't walk out on the date.

Libby said...

Haha....oh geeze....sounds like a nightmare!

Daily Tragedies said...

Sounds awful! Though I'm glad to know I'm not the only one on the receiving end of such charming skills...

Kristie said... I say you are very, very justified in running far, far away from any potential second date with that guy.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Love your blog, I'm also from WI! I saw on your upcoming races that you race a lot in Oshkosh. Is that where you go to college? My roommates boyfriend, WIlly Kaul, goes there. He's a kick ass runner :)

Anyway, Good choice on running away from that dude. He sounds like such a tool.
As for the 11 miles on the treadmill... that sounds like pure hell. I would've skipped it too!
Can't wait to read more of your blog!

The Former PK said...

Funny post about the date! I think most of those would be dealbreakers for anyone!

I love your new layout! So clean. I am itching to redesign mine, but I guess I'm just not good with change! I may have to experiment though!

Suzy said...

Oh - we could never hate you! I suggest you have a great laugh and NEVER go on a date with that dude again!!!

Jill said...

Oh good lordy on the date-man! I catch myself saying retarded now and then and get so mad at myself for it, but 4 times in a conversation is ridiculous and unacceptable! I hope at least you got a free lunch!! :)

J said...

That blind date sounds not good at all!! A guy talking about marriage!! Jeez!

Heather said...

Your recap of your date cracks me up! I'd run away too. :)

I see you're running the half in Green Bay - I ran the full there last year and loved it. Have you run that race before? Good luck with your last couple of weeks of training!

amybee said...

do NOT blame you for not doing the 11 mile run.

Some men are really something.... you'll find a much better one. I promise.

Runner Leana said...

Um yeah.... I don't think that guy really deserves a second date... Crazy!!! Glad you came out okay at the end of it.