Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pesky bugs are getting in the way of my running plans

It was gorgeous outside today. Sunny. Temperatures in the 50s. No wind. Beautiful day for a run.

And I ran indoors on a treadmill.


Blame it on those pesky lake flies. Ugly little creatures that usually hatch every year right around Mother's Day. They apparently have a purpose other than annoying anyone who lives by Lake Winnebago - the fish love to eat them and get nutrition from them. But still, there's a ton of them, they swarm and land on anything that stands still for even a second, they're dirty, leave a green mess everywhere and smell. Ugly little buggers. Take a look for yourself.

And like clockwork, they normally hatch every year around Mother's Day and stick around for about 2 weeks. But this year? Take a look at your calendar. Mother's Day isn't until May 9. And it's April 27 and they've already been here two days. Which means, some lake fly got the bright idea to hatch early. As in two freakin' weeks early.

It started Sunday when I saw one lonely lake fly on my door. Throw in some wind and when I walked out of my apartment on Monday to go to work they were swarming. As in clouds of lake flies along the road that guided me to my downtown office. So many lake flies that it sounded like little bullets hitting my car as I drove. And the humming noise they make? Drives me insane. Even though I hoped, prayed and crossed every finger and toe available, they didn't go away over night. Still here this morning. Even worse. More of them. Grrr.

So it was gorgeous today. The perfect day for a run. But since I didn't want to run the risk of ingesting millions of those filthy little bugs - which by the way aren't so little this year, they're huge! - while I ran, I opted to head over to the YMCA and the treadmill for my 6 mile run. Let me tell you, it's hard running indoors when it's so nice outside. But it's done.

And Thursday's run? I'm heading to a part of the city that is not by the lake and far away from the lake fly infestation. And in the meantime I'll be hoping those little buggers die a quick, painful death. And don't come back until Mother's Day 2011. Because until they're gone? I won't be running in my neighborhood and my bike will be staying in the garage.


Anonymous said...

That's crazy!! I've never seen anything like that - I would be running inside too!

SSB said...

Yuck! Ick! Gross! I'd run inside too. Hope they stick to the usual 2 weeks on earth though

Kristie said...

Shudder. I hate bug swarms like that! I need to remember to stay away from one of the more swampy trails I run by once the weather heats up and you get all of those little flies because I definitely ingested a couple the last time I went. But that? That's like going to the UP in the middle of black fly season bad. *Note to self: don't live close to a lake. :)

Nat said...

YUCK! Those are disgusting! I don't think I have ever seen a lake fly and I never want to by the sounds of it!

Marlene said...

Oh YUCK, I would NOT like to choke down a mouthful of those. Blech!

Hope you find some clear air to run in!

MCM Mama said...

I hate those flies! We went for a walk one time up there and when we looked down at our son in the stroller, he was covered in them. Bleh!

teacherwoman said...

OMG those are nasty! I think I almost threw up on my mouth looking at that picture!

J said...

I would not have fun outside either! Eww i hate bugs and I hate getting them in my eye or mouth while running!!

Carolina John said...

wow those lake flies don't play games! that's nasty stuff

love the new blog layout!