Monday, December 8, 2008

Since when do they name snowstorms?

Mother Nature sure has a feisty side to her this winter.

First there was almost 5 inches of snow before Thanksgiving. And then a couple of rounds of an inch or two or three since then. And the early burst of bone-chilling cold that we had last week.

So why does it surprise me that the season's first major snowstorm is rolling in. And we're expected to get up to 14 inches of the white stuff? Who am I kidding. Did I momentarily forget that I live in Wisconsin and it's winter?

But the snowstorm, I don't know if it has a name or not, it arrived this afternoon and is expected to stick around until tomorrow night. And during its stay it's supposed to dump up to 14 inches of snow. And after it's done snowing it gets to blow the stuff around. Fun.

I admit, I don't shovel. My landlord does that, well, when he feels like it. And at least the roads will eventually get plowed, because the city I live in? They don't really like to plow. And considering they don't give reporters snow days, I'll be driving through the foot of snow on my way to work. But I think I can get away with a pair of jeans at work tomorrow, because my boss told me to "dress for the weather," and I think jeans qualify. Besides, my snow boats? They'd just look silly with a pair of black dress pants.

So bring on the snow. I'm ready.


teacherwoman said...

I bet you could think of a name for this snowstorm as you are venturing out tomorrow morning on your wait to work! LOL. Drive safe. And, I agree... snow boots do no go with dress pants! LOL.

Anonymous said...

I've heard "Carter" being thrown around ... Wonder what A and B were .. :)

Badgergirl said...

Really? Hmm. I don't remember having anything else that I'd consider a "snowstorm" so far this winter. And since when do we name snowstorms anyway? What, they get jealous of hurricanes?