Thursday, December 18, 2008

I think Santa got the wrong stocking

It's amazing how an hour-long holiday work gathering can ruin your day.

I spent my lunch hour doing a Secret Santa type gift exchange among co-workers. I get a lump of coal. Seriously. And deep down, I feel that it was not given with the funny ha ha kind of intentions. More like mean spirited intentions. For reasons I really don't want to get into. But I put on an act. Smiled. Acted like it was no big deal. Said "Thank You" with a smile on my face. Got a grunt in return.

Went back to work. Threw the gift bag on the floor. Out of sight, tried to put it out my mind. Kept myself busy all afternoon. Didn't think about the coal sitting on the floor by my desk.

Went to the YMCA after work. Kind of wanted to run, but my calf has been bothering me. So I hopped on the bike and road 16.25 miles. Listened to some tunes, watched Tyler Hansbrough set a new North Carolina career scoring record, tried to clear my head and the image of the coal.

Finished at the YMCA, went to throw my gym bag in the backseat of my car. There was the coal. Got somewhat upset again. Thought about the coal. Called Mom and told her about the coal. Got more upset.

And me being upset? That makes the Monster in my head upset. And he has no reason to be upset, especially since the doctor called me today and told my my brain was "completely stable."

So the day goes from good to bad. All because of a co-worker and a piece of coal.


Deloris said...

That sucks.

Bethany K. Warner said...

That really does suck. I can't believe this former coworker would really do that without thinking about how you would feel.

If I'd had your name, you would have gotten something way cool.

Anonymous said...

Is it the same ass-hat we've talked about? I would have loved to have your name for Christmas! This year we're doing a lame Yankee Swap instead of buying a gift for an individual. I'm just going to buy a bottle of wine.

Nat said...

That is bad. Try not to let it bother you. I've had run-ins with lots of people like that over the years and they obviously aren't smart enough to think before they act!