Monday, December 22, 2008

Let the holiday madness continue

Christmas is in two days people. Two days. And me? I'm still not ready.

I braved the post office during my lunch break. Because I needed stamps. When I got into the Christmas card writing mode a week ago, first I ran out of cards. I bought more. But didn't regain the will to sit down, scrawl my name in the card and address the envelop. Last night I did. But I didn't have stamps. So today I had to get some so I can send the rest of my holiday greetings on their way.

And quitting time? That came a bit early today at work. While I wanted to go to the YMCA, I didn't. Because me? I still had shopping to finish. And let me say, the city I live in? While I love it that it's on the water. The shopping? Not so great. But an hour and a half later I was finished. The last two presents I needed to pick up were in my possession.

So now I'm home. The shopping is done. The presents are gathered in a heap on my living room floor. Wrapping paper, bows, tape and gift tags are nearby. The only problem might be finding some boxes. But I may just improvise. Because those presents? They will be wrapped tonight. If it kills me.

I have no excuses. The Packer game kicks off in a matter of minutes. And I don't plan on leaving my spot on the floor until the presents are wrapped and the final seconds have ticked off the game clock.

Because I don't want to spend Dec. 23 in a rush. I just want to enjoy the day before the holiday festivities kick off. And maybe even be able to sneak in a run.

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teacherwoman said...

I can't believe Christmas is almost here.

Happy Holidays!