Friday, July 4, 2008

Today we celebrate our independence

The fireworks. The parades. The barbecues. A day in the sun.

However we do it, today we celebrate the Fourth of July. Our country's independence.

For me? The celebration got off to a bit of an early start with a trip to WIR last night to watch my cousin race and then the night was capped off with a fireworks display. But sadly, I had to head back to the City on the Water since I'm pulling holiday reporter duty. I can't complain though. My assignment? Cover the city's Fourth of July parade.

And while it might be easy to forget with all the holiday festivities, while watching the parade this morning, which included a bunch of veterans groups, I was reminded what this day is all about. Our freedom. Our independence. And those things didn't come easily to us. Or without a cost. And today I'm thankful for those freedoms, and those who helped give them to us.
Once my work day is done - which by the way will be the 11th day in a row that I've worked, it's time for a break - I'll point my car north and head up to a family gathering for food, fun times and another fireworks display.

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teacherwoman said...

You said it, chica! well done. Enjoy your 4th of July.... I know I will!