Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The deer pranced through the woods, right onto my plate

Tonight I'm going to be recording a little piece of Badgergirl history.

For the first time in my life I'm going to eat Bambi. Yes. Deer meat. And I call myself a picky eater.

I've never had the opportunity to eat deer meat in the past. My dad didn't hunt, so it's not like he lugged a dead deer home in the back of his truck after each deer season. So I never ate it. For 28 years I've never tried a piece of Bambi.

But tonight? The Coach is making me dinner. And it involves Bambi.

It started out as a simple, "Do you like pot roast?"

I admit, I'm not sure I've ever had pot roast. But it can't be too bad. So I was willing to try it. And if he would have just left it at that, I probably would have ate it, liked it and never truly known I was eating Bambi. But then he said he makes it with the venison roast. So now, when I go over to his house tonight and sit down for this meal he was slaving over all day, I'm going to know I'm eating Bambi.

I still try it though. And I'll try my hardest to put the images of Bambi out of my head while I'm eating. And who knows, maybe I'll even like it. I'll let you know.


Farrah said...

Interesing timing for this post. Last night, as I was eating chicken, I thought to myself, this used to be a bird, that could run around. Sure, I've said to myself, mmm, dead pig, when cooking ham before, but I've never felt this way before about my beloved chicken. I think I'm going to have to become a vegetarian.

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH NOOOOOO! SCARY! That's like eating butterflies!!!!

OK, I feel better now. I, uh, hope you enjoy it....

Mandy said...

Oh em gee. I'm nervous for you. And I'll eat anything.

Deloris said...

How was the deer?

I've only eaten deer once. And when I was eating it I pictured Bambi.

Erin said...

I need an update on this, stat, as a fellow picky eater.