Monday, March 24, 2008

Is there anything I forgot to do tonight?

For a brief second, I toyed with just going home after work. I didn't know if I was in the mood to go to the YMCA for a run, especially since there was a book waiting for me at home that I just wanted to finish reading.

But when I got to the corner, my car turned left instead of right and I found myself in the crowded YMCA parking lot. Then I debated whether it was going to be super busy. But I found a good parking spot, went inside and threw on my gym clothes.

I went upstairs to the cardio room and was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the parking lot was crowded, but there weren't a ton of people upstairs. Maybe they were all playing basketball or using the weights. Or taking some fitness class.

They obviously weren't using the cardio equipment, because I found an open treadmill right away. I jumped on. Logged a 2.5 mile run and then headed over to the stationary bikes. I just wanted to do a short bike ride tonight, just to stretch out the legs a bit. So 15 minutes and 3 miles later, I got off. Wandered into the weight room area and looked out the window at the pool.

And there was nobody swimming. And it was open lap swim. And my bag? It was completely packed tonight, including all of my swimming gear.

So I headed back down to the locker room, changed into my swimming suit and went to the pool. I put on the silly swim cap and my baby pink goggles and picked a lane and started swimming. And just like Friday, it was relaxing and I enjoyed it. I didn't get as tired as quickly today, taking a short break after every 100 yards or so. And I even increased how far I went, swimming 650 yards in 22 minutes before calling it a night.

So tonight? I'd say I was pretty productive at the YMCA. And this whole triathlon thing? I think by July I'll be able to do. Especially since I did run, bike and swim tonight. Granted it was in the wrong order and the distances weren't close to what I'll have to do in July, but that's why it's only March. I have time.

The only downside to tonight's productivity? Walking in my door at 8 p.m. and still having to eat dinner. Good thing I wasn't too hungry. It doesn't take long to make a grilled cheese.


mroutsideboy said...

How much does the Y cost?

Farrah said...

Grilled cheese is my go-to meal :o)

Also, I'm using your countdown calendar for the Oshkosh 5K to keep track of the days until I go to the dentist for my crown because my tooth is killing me!

teacherwoman said...

Nice job! You will SO be ready for that tri in july! BTW, that run was close to the distance in the tri... same with the swim! :)