Monday, March 10, 2008

Day number one and we got along fabulously

It's official, I think my still-nameless iPod and I will become best friends.

Today was the first chance I really got to use it since I spent most of the weekend loading music onto it.

During work? I had the headphones in my ears and spent the afternoon listening to the soundtracks from the three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Glorious. Although, I did have a bit of a problem at first. The volume? It was way too loud. And since my new friend didn't bother to come with an instruction manual, I spent a bit of time online looking at the manual. And honestly, "adjust the volume using the click wheel" was not the most helpful piece of instructional advice. At least not for someone who had never held an iPod in her hands before.

But don't worry. I figured it out.

And then my new friend got its big test. The YMCA.

Once again, it was magic. The volume was right. And it didn't die. The worst thing about it, which really wasn't so bad, was that my play list I had been using on the treadmill, the one that got me through a half marathon in September, was chopped to pieces since I haven't loaded all the songs yet. But that's not the iPod's fault. It's mine.

It got me through my 2.4 mile run and 20 minutes on the bike. And I wish it lasted longer. But I was hungry. And I thought getting some food in my body was a better choice than keeling over due to hunger at the YMCA.

But the iPod? It was a very good purchase. Now just give me a few more days I might even figure out an appropriate name.


Farrah said...

Krista and I have come up with a name for your iPod...wait for it...Darth!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Darth. DO IT.

Badgergirl said...

oooooh. Darth. Good name. I like it.

Dear iPod, from now o you shall be known as Darth.