Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Green Bay edition

1. You all read about the poster thief at the Packers Tailgate Tour stop. Well, he may have stole my autographed poster, but he doesn't get to run through Lambeau Field on Sunday. That's right, it's Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon week.

2. I said it before, but I'm so not ready for this race. Like Raleigh, this will be another race that I'll run as much as I can and then just do some kind of run/walk thing until I cross the finish line. There were times this last week that I seriously considered taking a DNS. I mean, I'm not prepared. Yes, I know I can cover the 13.1 miles, but I know the time on the finish line clock won't be pretty. But then I think. This is at Lambeau. I mean, seriously. How often do I get the chance to run through the players tunnel and take a lap around Lambeau Field? Not often. So that pretty much decided it for me. I'll just keep it low key, have a good run and enjoy that lap around Lambeau.

3. The weather man scared me earlier in the week, calling for heavy rain. But in the last few days, the chance of rain has diminished and weathermen are even starting to say that the rain chance will be "late" in the day. Plenty of time to finish 13.1 miles without having to swim. The only problem? As that rain chance goes down, the temps seem to be going up, to the point where we're looking at a high near 80. Gulp.


Carolina John said...

Get out there, cover the miles, and enjoy the experience. That's going to be incredibly cool getting to run down the players tunnel and take a lap to the finish line. serious cool factor there. Good luck, and I hope the weather holds out!

Heather @ Operation Determination said...

I agree- go out there and enjoy the experience. Not every race has to be for time. Just have fun!!

My husband and I are heading out for Green Bay in the morning. This will be our first full marathon. I have been stalking the weather all week too. I am liking that the rain is out of there but really don't like the increase in temps!!!! Good luck on Sunday!!