Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh the weather, it will be frightful

Source: National Weather Service

 Well, if no one ever hears from me again, it's because of this.

See that 14.5 in the orange section near the bottom? That's where I live. Add to it the 30 mile per hour sustained winds with gusts up near 50 and we find ourselves under a blizzard warning.

And this reporter has to go to work. And drive in those conditions.

Great. That sounds safe.

Add to the last time I drove in considerable snow was that one time in February 2011 when I crashed my car. Twice. Yeah, I'm a tiny bit freaked out.

Now, if I could just stay home and watch the snow fall outside as I sipped a mug of hot chocolate? I'd love tomorrow's weather. And I'm still going to be pretty excited to play in the snow once it's done falling. It's just that whole driving and working in it that has me worried.


Carolina John said...

is that a temperature map or number of inches? wait, those are both horrible situations. holy crap, stay safe out there girl.

Badgergirl said...

Inches of snow John. A lot of the white stuff of falling!

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