Friday, October 12, 2012

Does an umbrella slow you down?

Well, nothing like waiting until the absolute last minute to blog. Oh well. At least I’m doing it, which is something I haven’t been doing lately. Another thing I haven’t been doing much lately? Running. As in I’ve run a total of three times since Fox Cities.  I haven’t had a lot of motivation, even with a final half marathon staring me in the face less than a month from now.

Yeah, good thing I’m doing that one solely for fun.

But I’ll be running this weekend. Or  maybe I should call it swimming since it’s supposed to be pouring. Some storm system is supposed to be moving into the area in a few hours and it’s going to be bringing rain with it. A lot of rain. As in the weatherman said 2 to 3 inches. And it’s supposed to be getting under way right in time for me to head out the door tomorrow morning.

See I’ve got this 5K on the calendar. The St. Joe’s 5K. It’s a race I’ve run in the past with my Dad. And even though he hasn’t been doing a lot of walking and it’s supposed to be pouring out, Dad’s a trooper and is still intending to do it.

Really? Are you sure? Because I’m pretty sure my bed is going to be pretty comfy when it’s raining cats and dogs. Oh well. I’ll still get my butt out of bed. After all, at least I’ll be able to notch one more run in my log in the last, oh, three weeks, bumping my average to just over one run per week.

 Anyone else find it ironic that the theme is involves waddling ducks? More like swimming ducks.

Assuming I don’t drown, I still have to get a long run this weekend. So right now the plan is to head out for 13 with Peggy on Sunday. We thought we dodged a bullet since early forecasts were saying the rain would be gone by Sunday. Not sure why we were excited. Seriously. When was the last time a weatherman was right? Because of course now the rain is supposed to stick around a good chunk of the day Sunday as well.

Looks like I’m in for a soggy 13 miles on Sunday too. Good thing I have an older pair of shoes. I just hope they can dry out enough between runs.

Add in a baby shower and the annual Halloween party for The Rugrats and it should be a pretty fun, if waterlogged, weekend.

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Unknown said...

Hope the 5K went well, I think you may have needed web feet to run that race!! That trestle trail gets slick with rain.