Thursday, September 13, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. Packers! So I know it's technically Week 2 of the NFL season, but since I was out spectating and cheering on the Ironman Wisconsin course on Sunday during the Packers loss to the 49ers, this is my first chance to see the Green and Gold play in the regular season. I'm a happy Packers fan.

2. Before the game, I did make sure I got a run in. Let's just say I was loving every minute of that 4 mile run. I'm pretty sure the fact that it was 60 degrees and overcast had a little bit to do with it. And I ran without my Garmin. Well, technically I had it on, but since it died a half-mile into my run, it was pretty useless. And I haven't run without the Garmin in a long time. It was nice to run by feel rather than a number on the screen. Overall a great run.

3. It's hard to come up with a No. 3 tonight. Probably because I'm distracted by the football that's on my TV screen. So there is no No. 3.


Sarah said...

Way to get your run in first! Our local gym was dark when I drove by... And there was not a SOUL on the roads!

Go Pack!


Renee said...

#3 is my favorite.