Thursday, September 6, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I opted to skip my run tonight. I just wasn't feeling it. What I was feeling was a delayed onset of muscle soreness that I can only attribute to the brutally hot speed work session I tackled on Tuesday. As in, I woke up this morning - 36 hours later - and holy stiff, achy, sore muscles. Calves, hips, the toosh. I had intentions to get a short, easy 3-4 miles in tonight, but like I said, I opted not to.

2. Part of my reasoning? I've got 14 miles staring me in the face Saturday. The last long training run before taper starts for Fox Cities Half, which is 2.5 weeks away. Gulp. 14 miles, huh? It's been a long time since I ran that far.

3. But if I can get those 14 miles pounded out, it'll be a fun rest of the weekend. After I run, shower, eat and quite possibly get a short nap, I'm heading south to Madison. It's Ironman Wisconsin weekend and I'm pumped to watch a good friend's husband tackle his first IM. The maps have been printed out, the cowbells rounded up and I'm ready to go. I remember how fun and inspiring it was last year and I have no doubt it will be very similar this year. I can't wait.


Sarah said...

Have fun at IronMan! I want to spectate this year, but I will be riding my very first century the same day... Eeek!


Renee said...

PFt, you did 13.1 not that long ago. I was there. You can totally do 14. Plus I will cheer extra loud for the Badgers for you this weekend.

Carolina John said...

knock those miles down!