Thursday, February 9, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Seroogy's Edition

1. Hey guess what. I've got a race this weekend. Yup. I'm running the Seroogy's Valentine Run 15K. Honestly it was one of those races that I knew I was going to be running, but it kind of creeped up on me and all of a sudden, BAM, it's race week.

2. I'm supposed to have some race goals. Uh, how about don't die? Seriously though. I'm not really sure what I should be shooting for. Yes, I've been running, but the runs have seemed to be very inconsistent in terms of quality. One week they've been good. The next, downright awful. If I have to put some goals down on paper, I guess they'd have to be:
A Goal: 1:42, that's an 11 min/mile pace
B: Goal: 1:45. That's a pace of 11:17.
C: Goal: Don't die. Have a good time.
Of course, any result I come up with will be an automatic PR since I've never run a 15K before. And I have a feeling how I do on Saturday will be somewhat dependent on the weather. Unfortunately Mother Nature has decided that this weekend (seriously, just Friday through Sunday) is a good time to give us a taste of what winter in Wisconsin is really like.

3. To be honest, I'm kind of ready for this race to be over. Because that closes one chapter in my running story and opens a new one. But that's a topic I'll touch on next week.


Renee said...

1. Don't die is always a good goal. I use that one often.
2. What a bitch. Mother nature chooses now to bring down the crappy weather?
3. It's just 9.3 miles. You can run that. Plus it has to be better than my one and only 15K which was the worst organized race I have ever done and wasn't even a full 15K.

All that being said, good luck this weekend.

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