Saturday, February 4, 2012

That was much better

There have been some utterly craptastic runs over the past week.

First last Saturday's brutal 9-miler in the wind and snow. The one where I just wanted to curl up in a snowbank and cry until I froze. Then Tuesday night I struggled so much during a 4-mile run that I seriously would have given up at the 2-mile mark except that my car was parked 2 miles away.

I know what the problems was last weekend. I wasn't feeling good, the weather sucked and running through 2-3 inches of new snow makes it hard. Tuesday? Who knows what my problem is. Maybe it was a fueling failure. Or dehydration. Or something going on in my head. I dunno. I just know it was hard and I wanted to give up.

There was one somewhat decent short treadmill run sandwiched in between, but other than that, my runs stunk this week.

So I decided to give myself a mini break.

Even though the schedule called for it, I haven't run since Tuesday. Went home after work on Wednesday and buried myself in my book (side note, "Cutting for Stone" is REALLY good) and enjoyed a happy hour catching up with a friend on Thursday. And, well, Friday is always a rest day.

So when I went for my 6-mile run this week I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm not going to lie. The first half mile? My legs were not happy with me and I was worried it was going to be Bad Run, Part III. But after hitting the top of the overpass, heading downhill and finding flat land again, things started to get easier again. And the run felt good.

6.1 miles with Deanna and Krystal at fairly easy pace. Catching up. A behaving IT band (although I did stop for 2 quick stretch breaks just to be safe). And legs that felt like they could have kept going at the end. A good run followed by some post-run coffee. And a little bit of a confidence booster a week out from Seroogy's 15K. Because I'll admit, after the last week I was doubting whether next weekend's 15K was going to be possible.

So the day's run in done. Now it's off for a bit of strength training and Badger watching with Peggy. I just hope she still wants to be friends after today. She's never been with me during a game. And needless to say, I can sometimes get a little intense. Especially since Ohio State's coming to the Kohl Center today.


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Jess said...

sometimes that extra time off is all our legs need to start feeling better. Well rested legs for the win!