Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Tap, tap, tap. 
Is this thing on?

Seems I've gone and neglected the blog for over a week. Oops. Didn't really mean to do that, but life got in the way. To sum up the week: There was time spent with friends, including a Waterfest outing to see the Gin Blossoms, and a few runs. And speaking of runs? Well the runs last week were uber-crappy. None of them went well. From the 2 miles I struggled through on Monday to the first hill interval workout of the training cycle to a cranky calf muscle that made the 4 miles I did with a friend miserable and let's not even talk about the 80 degrees and super humid weather that only got worse throughout my 9-miler with the training group on Saturday. Like I said, runs last week? Yuck. None were good.

Then there was the long holiday weekend. Just what I needed. Time to relax and do whatever I pleased. Time that I obviously did not spend writing blog posts or reading and commenting on blog posts (I'm about to hit that "mark all as read" button my Google Reader, it's out of control!). There was a bunch of reading, some biking riding, the brutal 9-miler, fireworks and even a  5K race.

I'll get to the 5K race report this week, but I just wanted to check in tonight quickly and let you all know that I haven't forgotten about the blog. I'll be back tomorrow!

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Carolina John said...

slack slack slack. All of this time with friends getting in the way of your blogging? time to reprioritize.

I let the blog go for weeks at a time. try ironman training if you really want to feel some neglect. geez it's killing me.