Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. How is it already Thursday? Not that I'm complaining, but dang this week went fast. Granted maybe it has to do with that whole 4-day work week thing.

2. I've fallen off the push up wagon. At the beginning of June, I decided to start using the 100 push ups app for my Droid. And for the first 3 weeks I stuck to the plan religiously. I was doing some crazy push ups. By the time I finished my 5 sets, I had finished around 120 push ups. But then I missed a day. Which turned into 2. Then 3. I started the program for Week 4, but then missed a bunch of days again. It's been 9 days since I've done a push up. I need to get back on the push up wagon. Starting today. Or tomorrow.

3. Cars are expensive. And I'm not just talking about gas. Since mid-February I've paid my insurance deductible to get my car fixed after my accident, had to buy a set of 4 new tires and now just paid WAY too much for new shocks and struts.  Apparently the shocks and struts thing is very common for the Ford Focus once it hits 100,000 miles. Just a heads up to Focus owners. Needless to say I gave my little blue Focus a stern talking to and told it that it is not allowed to break again until at LEAST 2013. Hopefully it listens.

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