Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trying to get back in the running groove

We're supposed to get hammered with rain tomorrow. And since we've gotten like 5 inches of rain the last week, that's probably not a good thing. Which is why I'll most likely be hanging out on an ark with Noah and all the animals.

But today? There was no need for an ark. Heck, there wasn't even a cloud in the sky. So when I got home I got myself ready for a run. And yes, I wore a lot of pink. But you would too if you were wearing a snazzy pair of hot pink Ryders Flange sunglasses like the pair I was sporting. Gotta throw out a bunch of thanks to MCM Mama for hosting the giveaway where I won the shades.

Besides, I need to get back into a regular running groove. Because the half marathon I've got my sights set on in September? It's scary close. As in this was Week 1 of an 8-week training plan. Um yeah. That's cutting it a little close. Hopefully my legs remember how to run long and all of my endurance hasn't totally left my body since May.


So tonight the plan was 3.5 miles. Since it was still in the mid-80s when I left for my run at 6 p.m., I tried to go out slow. But I think it's impossible for me to run slow. Even if I try. I tried really hard tonight and still turned in a 10:14 first mile. Which is fairly speedy for me. But I pushed myself to maintain that pace through mile 2 and was successful. The last 1.5 miles? Yeah, I slowed down. The legs were starting to yell at me.

I ended up finishing 3.6 miles in 37 minutes. Not bad. Tomorrow the plan calls for an easy 2 miles. And that will probably have to be run indoors on a treadmill. Or laps around the ark if I find myself hanging out with Noah, since I have a feeling arks aren't equipped with the electricity needed to power a treadmill. I'll let you know.


P said...

Seriously cute sunglasses - I am so jealous!

Marlene said...

Great job on the run and nice pink outfit!

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the run! Those are some sweat shades!

(LOVE that you have your bib numbers on that door... too cool)

MCM Mama said...

Glad you got the sunglasses! They look great on you!