Sunday, May 23, 2010

A weekend wrap-up

Weekends are way too short. I really think the standard weekend should be three days, because two days? Not enough time.

It was a fairly busy weekend in Badgergirl's land, so I'm going with the bullet points for a quick recap:
  • I started the weekend off by heading up to The Rugrats' house. My niece was having a slumber party for her birthday, so picture a bunch of 8-year-old girls spending the night getting pampered with painted toe and fingernails. While I did my share of applying polish, for most of the evening I hung out with my youngest nephew, figuring out where the stickers went in his Star Wars sticker book (easier said than done since he decided to take all the stickers out of the book and THEN figure out where they went).
  • Saturday was absolutely gorgeous outside. So in the afternoon I headed out for my first run post-half marathon. I decided to go for a 3 mile run since my toe (the one still healing from the nasty blister/toenail trauma) was bothering me. And the shorter distance was probably a good bet since it was fairly humid out. But other than a somewhat painful toe, the run felt really good! I finished the run in 29 minutes, 57 seconds. And I know I'm being super picky here, but that's sub-10 minute miles for me! Amazing! Needless to say I was happy, even if my toe wasn't.
  • The rest of Saturday was spent hanging out with some family at an anniversary party for my aunt and uncle.
  • Hot. Humid. Windy. That was what Mother Nature gave us Sunday. It was 90 today and it isn't even the end of May! Crazy. Since I spent the morning/early afternoon looking at patio sets with my Mom, I opted to go for a bike ride before dinner. Since I didn't have my bike with me, I took my Dad's commuter-style bike out for a spin. I got the 9 miles in, but let me tell you, it was tough. So much different than what I'm used to. At times it felt like I was barely moving even though I was working so hard. Of course, part of that was due to the strong winds I was biking into. Oh well. Mental note to self: Bring your own bike with you the next time you plan on biking at Mom and Dad's.
And that's the weekend. Now it's time to put a few more things away and make tomorrow's lunch before crawling into bed with a book. Hope you all had a great weekend!


MCM Mama said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend!

celmore said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Are you getting blisters on your toes?Try Wrightsocks...two layer ever.