Thursday, May 6, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I haven't run since Sunday. And I'm getting a bit cranky. Blame it on late nights sitting in the courtroom. Am hoping to get a shortish run in this evening but that all depends on how decisive a group of 12 can be when it comes to making a decision. Or how sympathetic a judge is in deciding to pause for the evening.

2. I'm running a 5K with my Dad on Saturday. Well, actually I'm running. Dad's walking. And apparently he's getting nervous about being able to finish. He can do the distance fine, but it's the hills that are freaking him out a bit. Especially the one at the very end - it's called the Hill of Hope, kind appropriate for an event aimed at raising money for cancer research. At this point I'm planning on finishing my run and booking it back to that hill to finish again with my Dad.

3. A quick update on the 3 Changes Challenge: Still doing great on the water. The snooze button is getting used less frequently (today I only slapped it twice!). The abs and strength work? Still a work in progress. At the rate today is going, I may decide on ab/strength work instead of a run by the time I finally get to leave this courthouse.


J said...

Yes I would get cranky too if I hadn't run since Sunday! Hope you can get out for a run soon! Good luck in the 5k with your dad! Sounds like fun!

Marlene said...

Hope you aren't stuck at the court room too late!

Awesome that you and your dad are both doing the 5K!

teacherwoman said...

Oh yuck. Not being able to run because of working late?! How annoying.

Have fun with the 5K this weekend!

Libby said...

My whole family is doing the Soleburner on Saturday :) My dad and brother are walking. I know my mom would love to run it, but I think she is going to stick with me and whatever my hip is alright with doing :/ I would love to run it all, but I'm thinking walk/running might be the best....if I can handle that. Good luck to you and your dad!

Jess said...

Have fun racing with your dad this weekend. I'm sure you'll both do great!