Sunday, May 2, 2010

The escape from the lake flies, not Alcatraz

I escaped from the swarming lake flies this weekend by packing up my dirty laundry and running shoes and headed up to my parents' house.

I wasn't able to avoid them completely though. See, I live on the southwest side of the lake and my parents actually live on the northeast end of the lake, but unlike me, they live about 5 miles off the shore (compared to my quarter-mile), so they don't get the lake flies as badly. Usually.

It was storming Friday night when I left, so I just got to their house, took it easy and grabbed dinner with them. The plan was to get in my run on Saturday.

Obviously Mother Nature had other plans since it was constant, steady 30-35 mph winds. Again. Seems like a weekly thing. And honestly Mother Nature, I'm getting sick of it. So you can stop anytime now.

So instead of fighting the wind, I did a little retail therapy. First got an oil change and stocked up on Gu at Fleet Feet. Then I went with Mom to the mall and picked out some new running gear. I got a pair of knee-length capris and four new running tanks. And the best part? They were all on sale! Score! I'll have a post on them later this week since the reason behind the purchases is I'm starting to figure out what I'm going to wear during the Green Bay Half Marathon in two weeks.

The wind calmed down a bit today, so I headed out for my run. Part of me wanted to sneak in 11 miles since I ditched the long run last weekend (blame it on Mother Nature and her windy ways), but the training plan was calling for 8. And since I am 2 weeks out from the half marathon, I decided to play it safe and go with the 8.

Probably a good decision since that 8? It was kind of hard. Not sure why. Maybe I wasn't feeling it. Maybe it was the wind. Maybe I hadn't fueled and hydrated properly. I don't know. I can only hope the lighter mileage over the next two weeks will help, because I really don't want to fall apart weeks before the half, especially since things seemed to be going well up until this point.

I just have to remember I'm allowed a bad day. I just wish it would have happened in March rather than on May 2. Let the freak out begin now.


MCM Mama said...

Yay for retail therapy!

Don't stress about the 8. Just be glad the bad run happened now, so you can rock the half!

Lacey Nicole said...

8 miles is 8 miles!! i think it will always be hard for me :) sometimes 3 is hard. it totally just depends.

the flies are starting to come out around here... UGH. i HATE getting them in my mouth ... ew ew ew.

and LOL i loved that you started your "retail therapy" off with an oil change. hahahaha. we are such grown ups.
and SCORE on sale running clothes! woop!

Jill said...

Good deal on the tanks and capris - nothing like a good running sale. Sorry your run wasn't better, we ALL have those days, hang in there!! Icky about the flies, too....I get horse flies that BITE (ARGH) in the middle of the summer over at the state park I like to run; I have to wear a lot of bug spray, which I hate, but better than biting monster flies. I wonder if I'll have some sort of cancer someday from all the bug spray... haha.