Thursday, August 6, 2009

So this is what unprepared feels like


The Oshkosh Triathlon is Sunday.

And for the past week and a half? My training? It's been non-existent. A lot of walking on the AirVenture grounds. A couple of bike rides. Running? Yeah, it was mid-July the last time I did that if you don't include the run/walk that I snuck in Tuesday night in The 'burg.

And to top off my lack of training? Mother Nature has decided to be nice and give us some summer weather this weekend. The Sunday forecast is calling for sun, a high in the lower 90s and LOTS of humidity. That's a bit of a change from the mid- to upper-70s and lower 80s we've had all summer.

This should be an interesting race. I think the race plan is to just finish without dying.

With race day a few days away, I'm hoping to sneak in a short swim either Friday or Saturday. Nothing much, maybe 1,000 yards, just to remind myself how to swim in preparation for the quarter-mile swim. And if I'm smart, I might throw in a short 2-mile run Friday, just to remind the legs what running feels like.

And maybe I'll get lucky and Mother Nature will hold off on the heat and humidity until Monday. Doubtful though. I'll just have to remember to push the fluids Sunday.


teacherwoman said...

Good luck Sunday! I have my tri a week from tomorrow and and feeling the same way, unprepared!

Just go out there and have fun!

Carolina John said...

Good luck! i've got another tri a week from sunday, and i'm hoping this heat will break by then.

Deloris said...

Don't push yourself too hard if it is going to be humid. Good luck to you!