Sunday, August 9, 2009

It was brutal, but I survived

Just a quick update.

It was brutal out this morning. Hot. Humid. Hazy. The kind of hot where you can feel the sweat running down your back when you're just standing on the beach, waiting for your swim wave to start.

Add in actual physical activity, in the form of swimming, biking or running and it was brutal outside this morning.

But I survived. I finished the Oshkosh Triathlon today and turned in a time that I was actually kind of pleased with given the lack of preparation the last few weeks and the weather.

While I was able to cross the finish line, one woman wasn't quite so lucky. She died during the swim leg of her race.

You'll have to come back tomorrow for a race report. My 4 a.m. wake up called kicked me in the butt and I'm thinking I'll be sound asleep by 8:30ish tonight.

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