Sunday, July 26, 2009

Airplanes make good scenery to ride by

It was one of those one-day weekends that I get every so often after pulling weekend reporter duty.

And I made sure to make good use of my one day off.

I got up, putzed around a bit and then headed out on my bike. I hadn't taken a good long ride in a while, so I wanted to go about 20 miles. When I left my apartment, I didn't really have a plan where I was going, just that I was going and would probably head over near the airport grounds.

It's AirVenture week and planes, pilots and other people have been arriving in masses. Since I live right behind the airport, I hear the constant sound of airplane engines as they make their approach. And I'm not kidding about the constant part. For this week, Oshkosh is apparently one of the busiest airports in the world. Kind of impressive since it basically sits idle for the other 51 weeks a year.

So I left my apartment and headed towards the airport. I was biking straight into a nasty headwind when I was going west and for a second I considered cutting my ride short and heading back home. But there were airplanes. And it was fun to watch them landing as I was out on the road biking. So I kept going. Went around the airport, rode through all the convention traffic near the AirVenture grounds and headed back into town. Hooked up with the normal route I take along the river/lake and made one last loop near the airport - where I pulled over momentarily and just watched a bunch of airplanes come in for a landing - before heading back home.

I think I have a problem though. My bike computer? The part that tracks mileage? I think it's seriously messed up. From the beginning of the ride, I thought it was off, but I thought it was off just slightly. During the ride, I glanced at it every so often and the numbers just weren't matching up with what I've had when I've done this route in the past. When I took my short break, I'd had been out on the road for about 1 hour, 15 minutes. And it told me I had only ridden 14 miles. Now, I know I'm not the most speedy rider there is, but I was pretty sure I was keeping up a better pace than that.

I made a mental note to check my mileage with when I got home. By the time I pulled into my driveway, the bike computer told me I had gone 17.7 miles. Not quite the 20 I was hoping for, but I was OK with it. Went inside, logged into and plotted the route.

20.5 miles.

I'd say that's a little bit more than the 17.7 miles the computer on my bike was telling me. Looks like I'll be attempting to find the instructions to fix it or else taking the bike into the bike shop for some help.


Like I said, it's AirVenture week. The best week of the summer when it comes to reporting assignments in my mind. And I got lucky this year. A five day work week and all five of those days I'm assigned to the grounds. Lots of aviation for me! That might make workouts a little difficult though. I'm going to try to fit in a swim when I get done tomorrow and hopefully all the walking around the grounds won't kill my legs too badly during the week and I'll still be able to squeeze in some runs and rides.

Because I still have one more triathlon left on Aug. 9! It'll be here before I know it!


Carolina John said...

i think mmr puts more turn space or side to side distance or something else in. i've used mmr to plan a 6.1 mile run loop, only to have the garmin tell me it was 5.6 miles. strange.

glad you made it out on the bike! it's been too hot here for me to step outside.

Runner Leana said...

Great job on the bike ride! My bike computer has gone on the fritz too. First the cadence stopped reading, then the speed went out halfway through my long ride on Saturday. Thank goodness for the ol' Garmin to keep me in check!

Have fun covering the airplanes this week, and good luck getting the workouts in too!