Monday, February 11, 2008

It was so cold I didn't want to leave my house

That 3-mile run I had planned for Saturday? Yeah, it never happened.

Instead of waking up and heading over to the YMCA to get it out of the way, I took my time when I got up. And then decided to head north and spend the day with my mom. By the time I made it back to the City on the Water, the YMCA was going to be closing in 30 minutes. Which wasn't enough time. And that's the one beef I have with the YMCA. The hours on the weekend? Not so convenient.

But I was OK with missing the run. I figured I'd do it Sunday afternoon at some point during the 4.5 hours the YMCA was open.

So I settled in for the night on Saturday. Which was fine by me since the winds were starting to pick up, the mercury in the thermometer was starting to drop and the windchillds were starting to plummet.

By Sunday it was just down right cold. Frigid. Bone-chilling cold. So bitter outside I didn't even want to think about opening my door. I cranked up my heat, added another layer or two and wrapped myself up in a blanket. Running at the YMCA? Yeah, that wasn't going to happen. It was too darn cold.

In fact, I wasn't planning on leaving my house. But I did end up driving over to The Coach's house. As I told him, he's lucky I like him or else I wouldn't have left. But still. That 7 minutes it took me to get there? I swear I turned into an icicle. And when I came home? I hate to admit it, but I jumped in the shower for five minutes. Just so I could warm up before crawling into bed. It was that cold.

I didn't run today either. I can't blame it on the cold, although it was a bit chilly today. Instead, I was battling a semi-nasty headache. I'm not talking a headache on the scale that I suffered through during December. But it's still one of the worst ones I've had since the whole head debacle. And I just didn't feel like myself. And work was crazy. In fact, it's going to be crazy all week, not a good sign for the head. So I opted out of the run.

Hopefully I'll feel a bit better tomorrow and I can finally log that 3-mile run at some point this week. It just wasn't going to happen this weekend or today.

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