Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mama Goes Masters Virtual Race Report

If I had received this race for a birthday present, I'd be utterly disappointed.

So MCM Mama, I ran this in honor of your birthday. And I apologize.

Because the 8.25 miles I set out to run on Sunday? Epic. Failure.

Where do I begin?

Let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start....OK, enough of The Sound of Music soundtrack. Sorry). I signed myself up for the 8.25 mile version of the virtual race. I'm in the midst of getting ready for a half marathon in September, and it actually worked out that my long run last weekend was supposed to be 8 miles. No problem. Right? Wrong.

I should have known from the get go that this wasn't going to be pretty. For starters I putzed around all Sunday morning and finally headed out the door at almost 11:30 a.m. Should have just gotten up right away and ran. But I didn't. Second, I believed the weatherman. Seriously. Who believes the weatherman? Apparently I do. Anyway he said that it was supposed to "less humid and more comfortable" on Sunday. Temperatures in the upper 70s and a low dew point. Um, I think it was 80 degrees when I left and slightly humid. And my planning skills? Obviously hiding since the route I planned out? Barely a bit of shade in sight. And there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Made it kind of hot.

But I ran. I set out with my mind set on finishing the 8.25 miles. Probably not fast, but I'd be finishing.

First mile went OK. Started to get warm during the second mile. By mile 3 I was throwing in some short walk breaks. And during those breaks I found myself wondering if I'd truly be able to finish. I was struggling. But I kept running. And I was nearing the turnaround point, where I'd be able to grab some shade for a few minutes while I took a GU and refilled my water bottle.

Then I was introduced to the asphalt.

Yup. One moment I was running along. The next I was sprawled on the road.

I'm not sure what happened. My foot may have gotten caught in a small, baby pot hole. I could have tripped over my own feet. Who knows. All I know is somehow I managed to fling myself to the road.

I sat up quickly. Glanced around. Good. No cars in sight. No one saw me take the digger, except maybe the guy who was mowing his lawn, but he was behind a tree, so chances are he didn't. I stood up and shuffled off to the turnaround point where I assessed my injuries. I still had all my limbs. No bloody knees. Mostly just some road rash on my arm which I used to break my fall. (Although 2 days later my arm/shoulder is super sore)

Here I was, 4 miles into a planned 8.25-mile run and I was hurting a bit. I debated if I should keep running. Ultimately I got on my phone, called my Mom and had her pick me up. She dropped me off in their neighborhood and I ended up doing another 2 miles, so I finished the day with 6 miles.

So I'll have to let the race director, MCM Mama, decide what to do with my results. Technically I signed up for the 8.25 mile version, and since I didn't actually finish, I could post a DNF. But I managed to fall right as I was hitting the 4 mile mark (another race option) at 45 minutes. Problem there is I didn't official "switch" my registration.

So if MCM Mama says I can go with the race switch, I finished the 4 miles in 45 minutes. If I need to stay with the 8.25-mile distance, I'm taking the DNF. It's MCM Mama's birthday (happy birthday!) and her call.


Pahla said...

Oh, man, what a bummer!! I'm glad you weren't too hurt!

teacherwoman said...

bummer indeed!

abbi said...

At least you weren't hurt...I was a DNF in this virtual race too! I had every intention of doing 8.25 yesterday but I cut short...even shorter than!

Marlene said...

Yikes! Sounds like a tough day all around.

Today's Triumph said...

Ouch! That's really impressive that you toughed it out for another two miles - I'd be happy with the 6, considering!

Jess said...

I hope she let's you switch!

zbsports said...

This is a good race report, this will be a good reference to our fellow runners. Good job!!!