Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday: Bullet point style

I'm hauling out the bullet points today. Some stuff to say, but not a lot of time. So short and to the point it is.
  • Ended up getting stuck at work late on Friday. Partly due to a bigger story that came together late in the day and partly due to the massive storm that rolled through Oshkosh right about quitting time. And since it was coming down in sheets - sideways - I refused to drive in it. So sitting at my desk late it was. Kind of threw off my post-work plans. So no run.
  • Saturday I spent a good chunk of the day driving around in swanky cars. For a good cause. It was the Drive for a Cure event at one of the local car dealerships. There was a fleet of 100 cars. You went, signed up and drove a pre-determined 11-mile route. The dealer would donate $1 to the Susan G. Komen fund and since breast cancer is something that has touched my family - my grandmother passed away due to it when I was 4 - it's a cause I support whole-heartedly. So I drove. Four different cars - a Nissan Altima, a Lexus sedan, a sporty BMW sedan and (my favorite) an Acura TSX - 44 miles. A good time. For a good cause. I felt speedy. But thankfully I wasn't speedy when I drove by those cops who were sitting out on the route taking radar.
  • I had an 8-mile run on the plan for Sunday. I was going to add on an extra quarter-mile and count it for MCM Mama's Mama Goes Masters virtual race. It was ugly for so many reasons. Look for the race report soon.
  • I haven't run since Sunday.Blame it on that ugly run Sunday. Hoping to sneak in a run on Wednesday after my nephew's birthday party.
That's it. Hopefully I'll be back to somewhat regular blogging (and blog reading) habits soon.


teacherwoman said...

Busy weekend. Nice job on your 8+ miles... looking forward to the "race" recap!

Marlene said...

That Drive for a Cure event sounds so fun! I'd be all over it!