Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mostly Madness here

Just thought I'd check in.

Nothing too exciting to report. There's been some running. Mother Nature still hasn't decided if spring can officially arrive here in Wisconsin, although it is supposed to be almost 40 today and quite possibly break 50 tomorrow.

I've been watching a lot of NCAA basketball, because really, March Madness is an amazing time of year. And this year's there's been a lot of Madness. Surprisingly, my bracket held up pretty well through the first weekend of the tournament. But then last night happened and Louisville decided to lose to Kentucky. There goes one of my championship game picks. Ugh.

Source: Associated Press

But the Badgers.

Oh the Badgers. They're making me happy. They clobbered Baylor in a much-talked about Sweet Sixteen match up. Seriously, the Badgers went Bear hunting and the Bears looked like they didn't have a clue what a basketball was at times.

So tonight they play Arizona for a trip to the Final Four. And of course I'll be watching. And screaming. And pacing. And hopefully when it's all done, sometime around 10 p.m., I'll be a very happy Badger. If not? Well, they still had an amazing season.

And if you've got a few minutes to kill, read this. Seriously. The best piece I read in all of the Elite 8 bound Badger coverage (and of course I read a lot). It says nothing about Xs and Ox, rather it's about the people. Specifically coach Bo Ryan and his Dad.

Now, off to decide if I want to run today, or wait for slightly warmer temperatures and battle some potential wind tomorrow. I'm leaning towards tomorrow at this point.

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Carolina John said...

Yea the Badgers!! Woooo! So much fun watching them hit the final 4. yes!