Monday, March 10, 2014

Battered legs and sunshine

I've been on a bit of a running/working out hiatus for almost the last two weeks.

See, I nearly killed myself stepping into the shower two weeks ago Wednesday. I had one foot in the shower, one foot on the bathroom floor and the foot in the shower slipped. I nearly faced planted, but was able to avoid it. What I couldn't avoid was banging my other leg into the side of the tub.

Photos don't do the bruises justice.

That's left me with some pretty epic bruises from my ankle to my knee. So I babied it for the first three days. I was all set to go for my long run that weekend, but then I got this weird twinge in my knee (the one that was in the shower). I hurt. So I decided to take the time off, rest it and ice it.

It finally felt better this past weekend, but I had a family emergency come up and I wasn't able to get a long run in.

My training plan said today was a cross training day and I was excited to get back to P90X, but then the weather happened. And after the winter I've just been through - 50 or more days when the temperatures were sub-zero, lots of wind - meant I spent way too much time on a treadmill or running in circles on an indoor track.

So when it's 53 and sunny out on March 10, I didn't bat an eyelash at changing my training plan. I'm all for being flexible.

Especially when this is the forecast for the rest of the week:

I snuck out of work a little early and headed home to run. I can't remember the last time I dressed in capris and a short-sleeve T-shirt for a post-work outdoor run. Oh yeah, that was the other thing. Daylight! And the sun was still shining for an hour AFTER I was done running.

Since I wasn't sure how my beat up legs were going to feel, I took the run nice and easy. It was four glorious miles. The kind of run I needed to remind myself why I like to run.

Now if only the snow and cold would disappear from the forecast. At least until December.

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Carolina John said...

it was 80*+ in Raleigh today. #justsaying