Friday, December 9, 2011

Tossing around ideas for 2012

It's never too early to start planning a race calendar for 2012. And while it's taken me this long to actually bring the subject up here on the blog, that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it. Because I have.

At this point, I haven't actually registered for any races. Wait. Take that back. I think I have (I'll get to that in a minute), but I know some of the bigger ones that I definitely want to do. And while a lot of the races I'll do in 2012 will be ones I've done in the past and are becoming my "regulars," I do want to branch out a bit and try some new ones. And I'm pretty sure that will be happening.

So what am I thinking of for 2012? Well there will be half marathons. And I'll even dip my toe into the relay craze. And there's a tiny part of me that wants to tackle a sprint tri again. And of course some 5Ks and I'll even try a new distance - the 15K.

Seroogy's Valentine Run 15K - I haven't registered for this yet, but I'll be doing it since it is the goal race for the Winter Warriors program I'm doing. First attempt at a 15K. You know what that means, automatic PR!

Run Away to the Bay - This is a new relay here in Northeast Wisconsin that takes you along a 55-mile route from Oshkosh (my city) to Green Bay. The girls in my original Fleet Feet half marathon group and I are talking about doing it. Should be fun.
Oshkosh Half Marathon - Back to the scene of my first 2:30-half marathon. Again, also in the city where I live. Hoping there's better weather than there was last year.

Sole Burner 5K - This one has become an annual race for me with my Dad. Site of my current 5K PR.
Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon - quickly becoming one of my favorite half marathons. There won't be a loop through Lambeau Field this year (construction on the south end zone), but I'll still be there since it's a great race.

Ragnar Relay: Madison to Chicago - I'm super excited about this one. I'm joining up with 11 other bloggers for a team. I'm pretty sure this will be an amazing experience. Can't. Wait.

Firecracker 5K - Another family tradition. And always hotter that heck.
Chicagoland Trek Women's Triathlon - The site of my first tri. Toying with going back this year. It's an all women's event and very focused around those impacted by cancer.

Madison Mini Marathon - Really liked this course when I ran it this year. Can't complain about a half marathon that starts and ends on the campus I love.
Cheesehead Half Marathon - If I don't do the Madison Mini, this is an option. The plus, it's super close to home.

Fox Cities Half Marathon - Another local race and site of my very first half marathon and current half marathon PR.

Freaky 5K - A local 5K that I've done several years. Nice Halloween race.

Santa Scamper - That 1 mile fun run before the Christmas parade
Turkey Trot (5 miles) - Get the run in before the Thanksgiving feast
Noodleini 15K - Never done this before, but would be a nice way to keep the running up after half marathon season is over.

Hmm. Could be a busy year. But like I said, not all of those are set in stone. And there is a little part of me that would still love to be able to do a destination race somewhere. Still need to think about that and find out if my bank account will allow it.

So I've told you my (tentative) plans. What are yours? And will I see you at any of these races?


Renee said...

You I'll be at Ragnar and I am contemplating the Madison Mini. Is the Trek Women's Tri what used to be Danksin? Because that was my first tri too.

RunToTheFinish said...

seriously loving how many bloggie groups are doing ragnars!! i'm with a group in july and cannot wait!

Rachel said...

Can't wait for RAGNAR! Yippie!

I'll probably see you at Oshkosh, Green Bay, Fox Cities and maybe the Madison Mini. (you'd think I would actually race where I live instead of going up to the Fox Cities all the time!)

We are still contemplating Run Away to the Bay, but that means I'll have to go up to Oshkosh 2 weekend in a row. Oy!

Unknown said...

You're a rockstar! We need to find a race to do together here :)

Run with Jess said...

See you in Oshkosh, Ragnar and probably Fox Cities too! I've got my calendar pretty booked thru June too. All my contemplating/planning is driving my hubby nuts!

Joel said...

I've got somewhat of a plan, not set in stone yet, but it will look something like this.

Very likely: Cellcom Green Bay half (so I will see you there!), and Quad Cities marathon in Moline in September
Probable: La Crosse 1/2 (May) & Onalaska 1/2 (Aug)
Possible: Bix 7 mile in Davenport in July, Crazylegs 8k, Madison mini, Norfolk Nebraska half (June), Cheesehead half

Usually by the spring I will happen to find a new race that I'll work into the schedule also.