Saturday, May 14, 2011

Putting the goals for Green Bay out there

It's been a crazy few days. And let's just say there definitely was not that much running during taper week. But I'm OK with missing a few taper runs. I know I've put in the work.

While it's getting late and I'm this close to heading off to bed, I wanted to throw together a quick post with goals. Because of course I've got goals heading in the Cellcom Green Bay half marathon tomorrow.

A Goal: To finish around 2:25. That's knocking off 5 minutes from my current PR, which I set last month in absolutely miserable conditions in Oshkosh. The forecast for tomorrow calls for cool temps and no rain, but some pretty wicked winds.
B Goal: To finish around 2:30. That would be right at my current PR.
C Goal: To finish and have an amazing time while doing it. After all. How often do I get the chance to run through Lambeau Field?

Off to bed I go. Whether I fall asleep right away is another question. I'll post a quick update tomorrow and a full race report will come sometime later this week or early next week. Follow me on Twitter, @BadgerJen2002, for more timely updates throughout the day if you can't wait for blog updates!


Claire said...

best of luck to you! Hopefully the wind settles down!

Teamarcia said...

Good luck! I hope your weather is better than ours.