Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. First I have to send out a big congrats to JJ Watt on being the 11th pick in the NFL Draft tonight. The Texans got themselves an amazing pick in both a player and a person. #DBWH

2. Sorry if I came off a little whiny in the last post. I didn't mean to. I blame it on the weather. Seriously. I don't think we've seen the sun in like over a week. And of course it rained today. Again. So it was indoors to the treadmill. Again. I pounded out the 6 miles I needed (and topped 100 miles for the month - that's two months in a row!). The run went fine, but the sports bra I was wearing? Not a good choice. I had won an Enell Lite sports bra a couple months ago when Fleet Feet had a Diva Night. I don't wear it very often. And when I have worn it it was for short runs, like the 2 or 3 miles variety. Tonight it was the only one clean and I thought nothing of it. Mental note: Do NOT use this bra for runs longer than 3 miles! See the bra has the hook and eye closures up the front of the bra. Well. Let's just say those hooks and eyes must have gotten hungry since they took a nice chunk or two of skin off my chest. Ouch.

3. I won't be able to watch the Royal Wedding tomorrow morning. And I kind of wanted to (if only to see Kate's dress). Nope. Instead I'll be awake and driving to Madison (yay!) for a two-day work conference. Good thing I upgraded to a Droid a couple of weeks ago so I can find out what Kate's dress looked like during a conference break! And another plus? It's alumni weekend on the University of Wisconsin campus. Might have to swing by my old stomping grounds before heading home Saturday.

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